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Nurses With Wings Questions

Nurses With Wings Service Questions

What are your operating hours?
We are ready to care for your in-flight medical needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where does Nurses With Wings fly?
We are available to travel worldwide. With your requirements in mind, we can coordination flights, ground transportation, and most any other arrangements that you request.

How much notice is required for me to have a nurse accompany me on a flight?
Arrangements (securing a nurse and making travel arrangements) can be coordinated in a matter of hours, depending on flight availability.

What information do you require to provide nursing services on my flight?
We need to know where you would like to depart from and where you are going, what your optimum travel dates and times are, and your doctor's and family's contact information. We do everything else. Nurses With Wings provide a stress free transport for you and your family.

How does Nurses With Wings work?
We manage the entire process for you by coordinating flight arrangements, ground transportation, and communications between your doctor and family. If you've already made flight arrangements, we will be there to accompany you while you travel to your destination.

My patient is not in the U.S. Can you accompany them from another country?
Our nurses all hold U.S. passports and are available to travel internationally. This is especially comforting on those long, overseas flights.

My patient doesn't speak English?
We can coordinate with an interpreter who can travel with the patient if requested.

How much does your service cost?
Nurses With Wings is committed to providing you with the most economical rate possible, without ever compromising on patient care. Our rates are all-inclusive and will be provided to you before you travel.