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Nurses With Wings Services

One thing is certain about traveling - you can always expect the unexpected. Nurses With Wings professional staff of nurses will be there to reduce your fears and skillfully attend to your medical needs with efficiency and kindness.

Nurses With Wings is best suited to the patient with a pre-existing medical condition, who is not critically ill. Medical clearance from your doctor is required.

  • Stroke, cancer, cardiovascular, and transplant patients
  • Fragile patients
  • Post-surgical patients
  • Patients requiring escorts from hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and private homes
Nurses With Wings Services

Nurses With Wings provide:

Comprehensive passenger care by nurses certified in intensive care, emergency rooms, and critical care units, and who also possess flight attendant experience, thus enabling people with medical conditions to now travel safely and comfortably.

Treatment for minor-to-emergency incidents in unstructured environments, such as corporate, private, and commercial aircrafts, ensuring optimal passenger safety and premium emergency medical care.

Emotional support and encouragement for both the patient and their families.

Awareness of passengers' health conditions (via medical records supplied beforehand) in order to fully meet the needs of the traveler. Reduces accidents due to in flight safety planning, monitoring, and implementation.

Inventory management of general medical supplies and equipment, as well as supplies for treating passengers' specific medical conditions. Customizes flight treatments plans according to passengers' medical needs.

Emergency evacuation assistance.