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Nurses With Wings Staff

Our Registered Nurses are trained in Critical Care:

  • Advance Cardiac Life Support Providers (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Providers (PALS)
  • Basic Advanced Trauma Life Support Providers (BTLS)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support Providers (ATLS)
  • Neonatal Advanced Life Support Providers (NALS)

Nurses With Wings Staff: Darlene Aliff

Darlene Aliff, RN, Owner of Nurses With Wings

Darlene Aliff is both a corporate flight attendant and a critical care nurse with 20-plus years of medical experience, making her the perfect professional to attend to air traveler's medical needs. She was trained at UCLA, Emory University, and Stanford University. Darlene created Nurses With Wings with the understanding that many people with pre-existing medical conditions, who previously could not travel without the availability of medical care and treatment, are now able to fly for business and pleasure.

Darlene Aliff knows that emergency care onboard an airplane can be crucial to critical patient's chances of survival. She understands that expert medical intervention buys both the patient and the pilot time to land safely and receive the necessary follow-up care. Her unique blend of experience enables her to provide nursing services, while meeting the unique demands of in-flight medical situations.

Nurses With Wings fleet of professional nurses is specially trained to handle the physical and psychological pressure of mid-air emergency medical situations. Level-headedness and quick thinking enables our staff to act with informed logic and precision, offering skilled nursing services, combined with immeasurable comfort to concerned passengers in the midst of a crisis.

Nurses With Wings is committed to providing our passengers with dedicated assurance and compassionate, on-the-spot medical care.


Carol Marcucci
Registered Nurse
Salt Lake City, UT


Courtney Houck
Registered Nurse
San Diego, CA


Sarah Braun
Registered Nurse
Phoenix, AZ


Stephanie Fiola
Registered Nurse
Phoenix, AZ